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Red Sand PR is a multi-genre music consultancy and public relations office run by experienced industry professional Gary Levermore, whose career has seen him operate as a record company owner and director, product manager, publicist and artist manager.

Working with record labels and individual artists worldwide who are seeking PR representation and other help in gaining exposure for their releases in the UK, the company provides bespoke publicity campaigns (specialising in print and digital media, but also including radio and TV) and offers expert advice and assistance in all other aspects of getting a finished recording to market and beyond. This includes artwork/design, manufacturing, registration of products with industry bodies such as MCPS/PRS and PPL, preparation of artist biographies and press releases, choosing a distributor and delivering relevant metadata and sales sheets to them, and implementing promotion and marketing budgets.



Having compiled and released Rising From The Red Sand, an influential collection of electronic music by artists from around the world that acted as a rallying call for the burgeoning DIY underground scene in 1983, Gary established the independent label Third Mind Records while still in his teens and ran it for a decade, releasing over 100 titles and achieving sales success with a stylistically diverse range of acts that included the electronic group FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY and singer-songwriter BILL PRITCHARD. Their careers blossomed in mainland Europe and led to additional artist management responsibilities.

Third Mind ceased trading in 1994, whereupon Gary began a new venture, Tora! Company. Working primarily with overseas record companies to maximise the potential of their products in the UK market, Tora! managed publicity campaigns (press, radio, club and TV) and carried out other promotional and marketing tasks, while also arranging distribution deals for several labels. Stylistically varied in scope, the company often dealt simultaneously with releases ranging from electronic dance to heavy metal and several genres in between.

Following a period where he devoted his attention to a time consuming role within Nettwerk Music Group, Gary set up Red Sand PR and has built a new client roster in the ensuing years.


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